Adult Art Workshop


Mondays, From 30th Oct - 27th Nov 2017, 7:00 - 9:00 pm (6 weeks)

Price: $195

If you would like to learn about colour, tone, shade and how they interact with each other this will be the class for you. We will start the course by working on paper with materials like charcoals, pencils and more. Following that we will use water mixable media such as watercolour and watercolour-pastels and then move onto the final work in acrylics. During the course you will learn how to create eye pleasing tonal combinations that can bring a feeling of calm and how to combine colours to create edgy contrast. This knowledge can be very helpful in your everyday life when you are choosing colours for your clothing, interior decorating and many others. The subject matter for this class is open so you can work on a landscape, still life or portrait.

Term 4 Children's Classes

Japanese Dragons’

Saturdays, From 28th Oct - 25th Nov 2017, 10:00 - 12.00pm (5 weeks)

Price: $185

This will be a very interesting class where you will learn about and practice some of the traditional and contemporary techniques of Japanese painting. We will begin the course with some works on paper using pencils, ink and other drawing media. Next we will create watercolour paintings and look at the techniques of the masters. We will use Japanese dragons as an inspiration for the final work which will be a watercolour on special watercolour canvas.

‘Eyes, Eyes, Eyes’

Sundays, From 29th Oct - 26th Nov 2017 10:00 - 12:00pm (5 weeks)

Price: $185

Eyes are a window to a soul… Well this will be the class where we will explore this and many other possibilities. We will start with sketches on paper and use pencils, pastels, watercolour and other media to study not only human eyes but also animal and even insect eyes. You will learn many important techniques all throughout the course and your final work will be an acrylic painting on the above theme.